The Salt is a property branding agency operating primarily in the real estate space. We work alongside our clients through entire project lifecycle to assist in any branding efforts.

Our goal is to help our clients develop a consistent, persuasive and engaging brand identity that allows them to present their values, functions and goals to the clients they work for, the professionals they work alongside, and the local authorities they interact with in the course of their business. 

We create bespoke branding plans that build and refine identities through cohesive and thoughtful applications of marketing, web presence and brand representation.

By creating a clear language for our clients, they are better able to engage their audiences and move forward to achieve their organizational goals. As the urban grid continues to change, we help our clients identify their position and control their language to match this change.

If you think refining or improving your brand identity could make a difference, you’re probably right!

Contact The Salt today and let’s discuss everything that your brand could be.

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