Giving spaces an identity that visitors can understand

People fall in love with brands – they trust them -they believe in them. In a densely crowded marketplace, companies look for ways to connect emotionally with their audience, making them irreplaceable and creating that sort of lifelong relationship. 

Building such a long-term relationship with your audience is our goal. We help participants in the property and development industries build the kind of brand that communicates who you are. We help you make your idea tangible, appealing to the senses and emotionally resonant with customers who are inundated with choice.

For real-estate, branding helps create place-making, the sense of identity felt by visitors that allows a space to make sense. We can do this by using a holistic approach that blends color, motion, video, and even sound. Every person who walks through your space will intuitively understand the purpose, allowing you to leverage this understanding to make a real estate venture more successful. 

Using brand and marketing strategy with a uniquely commercial focus, we give your developments identity. Our strategic approach can help build this idea of “place-making”, driving business growth, supporting sales, and motivating teams. We will unleash engaging, creative work that makes great things happen.

Brands are at the heart of our business: not only do we create them, we develop and manage them so they extend corporate values and support the customer experience. For those organizations that are new to branding efforts or for those who know that it’s time for a periodic branding check-up, we’re able to help you refine and perfect your customer-facing identity and stand out in a crowd.

Great Concepts – Greater Ideas

Imagination is the first step. At The Salt, our dedicated team of creatives are bursting with ideas for your campaign. To help you find that richest connection with your stakeholders, we’ll go through a thorough process of analysis and imagination to invent creative and memorable ways for you to interact across all platforms and environments. 

We LIVE to design

No matter how small or large, each project is approached with a sense of style and pride. We push the boundaries and challenge expectations, but we’re always keen to stay connected to your values and goals as we work. Whether it’s an advert campaign roll-out, brochures, posters, leaflets, online content and promotions or even your website or physical exhibition stand, we’ll use our passion and experience to craft a visual language with eye-catching content that will bring your brand to life and support your relations within the community.

Web design

When we build a digital experience, it’s built with your audience in mind. With care and intention we’ll design intelligent experiences that offer an engaging user experience while projecting a seamless, on-brand identity. We not only consider the audience you have, we also build to engage the audience you want. From first click to the final sale, you’ll present a cohesive, responsive experience that creates solid brand identity with each interaction.

Immersive digital renderings

The next generation of digital renderings gives you a powerful tool to secure funding, tenants and buy-in for your next project. CGI gives us the ability to create fully realized digital spaces that let you understand space, color, texture, fixtures and furnishes. These photorealistic digital creations are powerful tools for creation, understanding and cost-savings. Don’t miss out on a strong marketing tool with our complete rendering services.

Animations and film production

Architectural animations create a sense of movement and life that will captivate an audience with your design before it’s ever built. Let us depict interiors, exteriors, walk-throughs and layouts in an engaging way that’s easy for anyone to understand. Take look from the penthouse window or experience what it’s like to walk up to the front door of a stunning, one-of-a kind design. Let us build a marketing presentation that will really move your audience.

VR Tours

Property tours have been effective promotional tools for ages, and a VR tour gives you the in-person experience of a property walk-through when an in-person visit isn’t possible. As you interface with investors or local authorities, treat them to an immersive experience that allows them to see each and every detail while they bathe in the atmosphere of your design. We can customize your VR tour presentation to deliver the information and experience that helps you make the right impression.

Please contact us to learn more about our approach and to discuss your needs and ideas.
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